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Intuitive Eating: A Guide


Have you ever been on a diet and felt like you were disconnected with yourself? Have you struggled with a negative relationship with food? This post is for you! Stop punishing yourself, learn to return to your natural rhythms of eating and get out of those restrictive patterns with intuitive eating. 

Let's Be Kids Again


I'm here to tell you about the one thing you're missing from your life, the one thing you've left behind in order to pursue 'realistic' goals and ambitions. You left it behind because you thought you were past that, you thought that you were grown up enough to abandon it.

But I'm here to tell you that a) you're not and b) you are never too old for this. Any guesses?

How to Prepare For A New Season


Fall is upon us! It is mid-August, which means that not only is it time for kids to go back to school, but it can also feel like a clean slate, a new year if you will. I think it's important to go into the new year with intention and purpose, and excitement for the growth and change that is ahead.