Abbey Mae

Women of Wellness #003-Simple Living Ladies Making A Healthy Lifestyle Easy


Today we are wrapping up February by celebrating some lovely #womenofwellness. This month’s theme is simplicity, aka healthy made easy. These ladies are at the forefront of the health and wellness movement, making it accessible to many by living out their lifestyle with simplicity and ease. If you want to make healthy easy for you, check out these lovely ladies for inspiration, recipes and more.

How To Be More Organized + My Favorite Life Planner


Want to organize your life? Feel like you aren’t living a life you love? This post is for you! In honor of my 2018 intention to become more organized, I decided I would share the ways that I’m choosing to organize my life and become more soulful. I also share with you my favorite life planner to craft a soulful year that will help you live a life you love.

The Importance of An 80/20 Lifestyle


Ever wonder how to create balance in your life? Does it feel like you have to be perfect? Today I’m coming to you to talk about balance and how to create a healthy lifestyle using the 80/20 rule. I give you four reasons why I think it’s important as well as a free 5 step guide to integrate it into your busy life. 

Habits For Wellness-My Experience


I recently completed a 21-day wellness program made by the beautiful Kimberley Wenya. I wanted to share it with you today and talk about why I loved it so much. I hope that you will check out HFW as well as her blog, she truly is a gem. Find out more about the program below.

My Tips For Cold and Flu Season


Feeling sick? Have a cold or the flu? These natural remedies can help get you back on your feet. If you aren’t sick, these tips can help your loved ones and you can stock up on useful tools for yourself if you get a cold. Read on for some useful tips and hacks to get you through the winter. 

Tips For Creating Your 2018 Vision Board


2018 is the year for you! So, how are you going to plan out your awesome year? It starts with a vision board, detailing all that you want to become, all that you want to do this year. I share my top tips in today's post for creating a vision board plus give you a free guide to create your own.

The Real Cause of Your Acne


Tired of using creams to treat your acne and not seeing results? Maybe you’re ready to try something else, some thing more effective? Well, today’s your lucky day. I’m spilling the beans on how to effectively treat acne without the use of any serums, and what it can tell you about your overall health. I’m also giving you a free guide so that you too can crack the co